Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin
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Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin

Aloe Vera is generally known for its beauty advantages. The essential element for many beauty products happens to be Aloe Vera. Keeping the skin hydrated and nourishing it is one of the many features of the organic Aloe Vera gel. Also known for its healing abilities, Aloe Vera can also be used to cure cuts, burns, etc. A few points in this article explains the importance and benefits of Aloe Vera.

1) Dry Skin

The nourishing ability of Aloe Vera helps in fighting the Dry Skin. The absolute choice for dry skin. It instantly moisturizes the skin once the Aloe Vera gel is directly applied to the dry patch. It can also be used as an ultimate aftershave to reduce redness or irritation.

2) Skin Exfoliator

To get free from dead cells on the skin and to get clear skin from dirt, Exfoliating the skin is really a necessity. Aloe Vera is a well-known purifying agent that is filled with antibacterial properties that clear the skin of impurities. Its disinfectant properties guard the skin against bacteria and thus preventing possibilities for acne.

3) Overnight Skin Nourishment

Massaging your face and neck with the Aloe Vera while you sleep. This non-oily and smooth gel will perforate the skin layers keeping soft. Using the Aloe vera with a few drops of lemon before you sleep will help to provide with a glowing and nitrified skin.              

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Glowing Skin

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant known for its rejuvenating and healing properties. The axiomatic benefits of this miracle plant are not obscure. Here are some of the benefits of Aloe Vera

1) Healing Properties

Aloe Vera has certain compounds that promote the formation of new skin cells. This medicinal plant is used for various reasons on skin and scalp because of its healing properties. It contains polysaccharides and collagen that increase blood flow, which further leads to the formation of new cells which obviously speeds up the healing process. Aloe Vera is used to soothing sunburns as it also leaves a soothing and cooling effect while healing skin. It not only soothes the skin but also contains pain-relieving properties.

2) Adds Moisture

Aloe Vera gel is very watery. It is well known for its hydrating properties on hair and skin. This helps our skin to heal and become smooth and soft. Aloe Vera gel is not entirely water. It is in gel form and therefore does not flow away, it stays on the skin while moisturizing it deeply and holding the cells together through the gel.

3) Antiseptic

Aloe Vera has various agents that are known to help in fighting fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It is recommended by various dermatologists to various patients. It basically accelerates the healing and repair process and therefore is a great antiseptic.

4) Reduces Wrinkles

Aloe Vera helps our skin is becoming elastic. The more elastic the skin is, the more it stimulates the activity of fibroblasts. All this Increases collagen production and makes our skin less wrinkled. It has vitamins C and E which rejuvenates our skin and therefore helps our skin look younger and wrinkle-free.

5) Lightens Spots

There are certain enzymes that are responsible for the discoloration of the skin. We also know how exposure to the sun is one of the most common ways of attaining dark spots and hyperpigmented skin. Aloe Vera has properties that prevent the formation of those enzymes and also suppress the UV rays’ effects.

6) Removal of dead skin

Aloe Vera also contains certain acid that helps in exfoliating skin. Obviously, aloe vera acts as a light exfoliator. But its properties to increase the effect of other exfoliating ingredients adds up to the benefits and helps in shedding dead cells that would have otherwise caused the formation of sebum that leads to pimples and acne.

7) Antibacterial

This plant has various antibacterial properties. As mentioned above, it is a light exfoliator that leads to unclogged pores which would have otherwise promoted pimple formation. Not only pimples but aloe vera also helps in removing or preventing the formation of blackheads.

8) Fights inflammation

Aloe Vera has a very effective compound known as acemannan, which is known for its properties to suppress inflammation. The inflammations are caused due to some enzymes in our body. Acemannan suppresses its formation and cuts off the root cause of inflammation on the human skin.

Real Aloe Vera Vs Aloe Vera Gel

Real Aloe Vera Gel

The real aloe vera gel which extracted from the plant’s leaves is the translucent gel which is the most important part of the plant when it comes to medicinal benefits. We all know how aloe vera gel has extraordinary soothing properties that work for both our scalp and skin. Mostly this gel is used for external purposes only. Real aloe gel is used for various things ranging from beauty to medicinal purposes.

When it comes to the medicinal benefits, It can also be used as an ointment, or to control ingestion and lastly to improve our immunity. The presence of acemannan in this plant leads to so many external benefits. For skincare beauty enhancement Aloe vera has always proved to be the perfect fit. This medicinal plant is no less than a blessing for people who cannot deal with any packaged product or do not want to burn any holes in their pockets but want something that will generate the best results.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gels are available in markets in packages. Now, these gels are hygienically extracted and carefully packaged to retain its natural healing properties. They have phenomenal rejuvenation properties just like the real aloe vera. They are easily available in almost any nearby store. One of the biggest perks of these gels is that they can be carried very easily.

Because they are a lot less messy as compared to the extraction of the actual gel from the leaves, we can conclude that it is the easiest way to get the benefits of actual aloe vera without dealing with the actual fuss. We can find gels in bottles. A sane choice will be to switch those chemicals with natural products like aloe vera gel if you are inclined towards using 100% natural products as in the long run the usage of such chemicals on our face does more harm than good.

The one that tops the list is – WOW Aloe Vera Multipurpose Beauty Gel for Skin and Hair.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin

This product is Paraben-free. It maintains the integrity of the medicinal plant and does not strip it of its important properties by keeping it very natural. Moreover, it can be used for both skin and hair. It is highly recommended if you have acne-prone, dry or dull skin. If you are inclined towards natural products, this is a good replacement.

Uses Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera works differently on different people, but since it is very smooth on the skin, there is little risk in trying it. Aloe Vera is organic and natural, and this doesn’t have any side effects on the skin, and hence there is no specification about the dosage. The following are the uses of Aloe Vera for skincare.

1) Pure aloe vera

Aloe Vera has many features that help fighting acne. Aloe Vera gel is Antibiotic, Antioxidant, Anti-irritant. Pure Aloe Vera cream is generally used instead of a standard cleanser to stop acne. The antibacterial agents in aloe vera bacteria from the skin, preventing the risk of spots developing.

2) Aloe vera and lemon juice

Lemons are rich in citric acid, and it also acts as an antibacterial agent. Pure lemon juice is acidic and thus should be mixed well with Aloe Vera to prevent irritation on the skin. This mixture can be molded into a face mask and to be put on the face for 10 mins for the best result.

3) Aloe vera and tea tree oil

According to the research’s tea tree, oil gels and Aloe Vera are really effective in nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Tea Tree oil is not meant to be put on for a long time on the skin, but when mixed with Aloe Vera, it can be used for cleansing of the skin.

4) Coconut oil, sugar, and aloe vera scrub

To avoid a chemical containing exfoliant, sugar, and aloe vera can be used which happens to be natural and organic. Sugar grains remove the dead layers of skin. Lauric acid, an important component of coconut oil, may help to fight acne. Post mixing, the scrub needs to be put on the skin and then rinsed off.

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Megha Sriamb is an aspiring blogger and writes about different fashion n beauty trends in general.  She hails from Aurangabad, Bihar, and currently lives in Gurgaon. She has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. She is an ardent follower of Ayurveda and natural beauty products motivated her to write on it. She is positive, chirpy, and full of life.
She is an excellent singer and is passionate about fashion, travel, and singing.


Megha Sriamb is an aspiring blogger and writes about different fashion n beauty trends in general.  She hails from Aurangabad, Bihar, and currently lives in Gurgaon. She has a Bachelor's degree in computer science. She is an ardent follower of Ayurveda and natural beauty products motivated her to write on it. She is positive, chirpy, and full of life.
She is an excellent singer and is passionate about fashion, travel, and singing.

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