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Difference Between Classic and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Classic extensions and Russian lash extensions have subtle differences and both have their pros and cons. Let’s dive in and look at the main differences between the two eyelash extensions options.

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions is a method where one lash extension is glued to one natural lash, this is known as one to one. The perfect method if you already have a lot of lashes but you want to add more length or diameter (thickness) for a more natural look. The process takes up to two hours to complete and a touch up (refill) is recommended every two/three weeks for maintenance so your lashes are always full and pretty.

A typical full set of classic lashes can vary from having forty extensions to hundreds per eye, depending on the desired look and of course how many natural healthy lashes you have to begin with! The classic extensions are a little easier to maintain, so working this into your daily beauty regime is very easier than any other eyelash type.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Also known simply as volume lashes, Russian lash extensions work by adding volume rather than length, applying two to eight extensions onto one single natural eyelash, this is known as the feathering technique. The technique requires a lot of skill. We always advise you to visit a professional beautician for this type of lash extension. The process won’t damage your natural lashes and will leave them looking larger and fuller.

The final look is soft and lush, giving a beautiful overall appearance. It is important not to extend the lashes too much, keeping to the advised safe length,. Having extensions that are too long will speed up the shed cycle. Also, it could cause permanent damage to the lash follicles. Although this process takes a little longer and requires more skill on the half of the beautician. People seem to be amazed at how they look afterward and can see the value in waiting that long.

This option is probably better suited for special occasions or big nights out when you want to look that little bit special. However as beautiful as Russian eyelash Extensions are, working this into your daily beauty regime may be a little tricky.

All in all, eyelash extensions are most defiantly going to catch that extra attention, no matter which type. The Russian eyelash extensions are so full and lush, that we can’t say a bad word about them. They are fixed, and firm in place, at a perfect length, that feels comfortable and natural to wear. Classic eyelashes are always good for a quick and easy application. However, for me, the Russian extensions will always look bigger, bolder, and more lush.

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Janet Porter is a freelance writer based in Manchester, UK. Her work is influenced by current media, beauty and fashion.

Janet Porter

Janet Porter is a freelance writer based in Manchester, UK. Her work is influenced by current media, beauty and fashion.

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