9beautyfashion is a woman-centric Content publishing platform to offer Beauty, Skin, Makeup, Hair, Personal Care, Health, Wellness & Fashion Tips to the updated independent woman community. We are offering incredible opportunities to all creative bloggers who are interested in the submission of Guest Blog on 9beautyfashion.com

Submit Guest blogs for Beauty and Fashion Only

We are excited to announce that we accept guest blog submissions and committed to delivering high-quality content for our readers.

Acceptable Guest Blogs Niches

We are glad that you are interested in our portal to post your content and thoughts. 9beautyfashion is focused on beauty and fashion niche. Content should be very clear and relevant. You can share your articles related to beauty, makeup, fashion, health and fitness, Bridal, Personal care tips and so many more. But the content should be according the following guidelines.

We Accept Guest Blogs For Beauty

  1. Beauty/Makeup/Bridal/Personal Care/Accessories/Fragrance
  2. Women Health & Fitness related
  3. Do-it-yourself Hacks
  4. Lifestyle Related
  5. Products & Brand Recommendations

And We Accept Guest Blogs For Fashion

  1. Clothes
  2. Fashion Tips
  3. Accessories/Hair Accessories
  4. Jewellery
  5. Bags
  6. Footwear
  7. Watches
  8. Fragrance/Perfumes
  9. Lifestyle Related
  10. Products & Brand Recommendations

Opportunity for Writers through Guest Blogs for beauty & Fashion

By contributing your blogs on our site, you get the opportunity to create your name & promote your brand to the Right Target Audience. Posting your blogs on our platform means reaching to a large number of audiences and increasing the number of followers. We only accept the high-quality content as guest post after shortlisting it meticulously. 

Guidelines to submit a guest Blog

  1. The content you post must be free from any errors and must be unique (not duplicate)
  2. The Blog you submit must be exclusively for our site and not published on any other website.
  3. We accept content relevant to the readers and having value.
  4. The blog posts must be at least 1500- 2000 words.
  5. If you wish to add any images to the post, include it while sharing with us but must not be copyrighted one. If you have collected the images from any other source, then you must give proper credits.
  6. Make sure to include a short author bio (200 words) at the bottom of the blog which will help you to gain market visibility & also provide Real author profile photo with social media profile links (Any of the following: Facebook/ Instagram/Linkedin)

How to Submit a Guest Blog

  1. We don’t charge any amount for Guest Posting. It is Completely Free Submission.
  2. You can share the Guest Post via Email at guestblog@9beautyfashion.com
  3. After your First Article, We will Register you on our website and permit you to self-post your next blog with Review option.
  4. Make sure to include Author Bio (200 words), blog post title, blog post attachment in .doc format (minimum 1500- 2000 words), any relevant images, and social media links. author bio.
  5. You will receive the response within 2 Business Days & if our editorial team approves the blog, it will be posted on the website with-in 4 Business Days. We may make any relevant changes if required.