Top Luxury Watch Brands To Watch Out For This 2022

Watches have always been considered a must-have accessory. However, choosing the best one for you can sometimes jumble you up. With so many options available in the market, you always get confused about what material, type, and size are best for you. Every watch tells a story about its wearer – from their personality to their achievements. Everyone has different needs and preferences that make choosing the right watch difficult. To ensure you get the perfect wristwatch according to your taste and budget, we’ve created a list of the top brands you should consider for 2022!

Vortic Watches

Vortic is not your typical watch brand. What sets these watches apart from other brands is that they are designed to complement your active lifestyle. They never fail to introduce new and unique designs using the finest quality material and exquisiteness in craftsmanship. Each watch is made from a solid piece of machined aircraft aluminum. After each Vortic Watch has been machined, it is polished to a mirror finish. In short, Vortic watches are crafted with perfection and durability that will last forever.


The Devon Watch Company is known for making high-quality watches at the best prices. So, if you are on a budget, this might be your go-to brand this year. This is the brand that maintains quality without ignoring the market trend. The introduction of the “time-belts,” as they call their timepieces, has brought innovation in the watch industry. It is also one of the primary reasons for the brand’s rapid success. The Tread line of their watches comes with hand-crafted interwoven bands that make these timepieces remarkable. The engineering of every watch speaks for its quality.

Devon watches are made differently and for people who believe in action. Every timepiece you see offers something to add to your style statement. Devon’s watches come with an interchangeable band that helps you mix and match band colors and materials. Play with the unlimited choices you can get to express yourself wearing one of their timepieces.

Shinola Watches

Get your best version out by making a style statement with a Shinola watch. The brand specifically focuses on making unique durable, comfortable, and stylish watches. Founded in Detroit in 2011, the brand still focuses on the century’s old watchmaking techniques. By using these methods, they can produce a masterpiece with every new collection launched.

Shinola watches are designed to focus on durability, comfort, and luxury in mind. These watches are designed with the highest quality material and come with a lifetime warranty on the workmanship. So, when you buy one of their watches, know that it will stay with you for a lifetime.


Lakewood is one of the few exclusive brands making quality wooden watches for women and men. The main goal of this brand is to offer sustainable and eco-friendly timepieces that are meant to last for longer than you expect. If you are searching for luxury and sustainability within your budget, this brand is perfect for you. What makes this brand so iconic is that the best material and exceptional design skills are used for crafting every piece. They use the finest wood material and shape them into timeless beauties.

Whether you want to make a statement or gift someone a beautiful timepiece, Lakewood has it all. The best thing is that you can customize every watch with personal engravings and hand-crafted gift boxes. From traditional wood grain patterns to geometric designs, every new design is as unique and natural as the raw materials that make it. Lakewood makes time more than just time with every watch made from 100% natural wood, including zebrawood and sandalwood.

Kobold Watches

Wearing a Kobold watch means you are already in the style game. All the new Kobold watches come with a 10-year warranty, so you can check out their new collection and get the most of it. These watches are carefully crafted with American leather that guarantees their durability. If you want luxury on your wrist, go for a Kobold timepiece this year, and you will not be disappointed in the choice.

Oak & Oscar

If you are someone who loves dogs, Oak & Oscar can be your watch brand this year. The watch brand is named one the owner of Chase Fancher’s dogs, making it more special. Attention to detail, careful precision, and one-of-a-kind designs are only a few features that make Oak & Oscar standout. If you want to add another masterpiece to your watch collection or gift something meaningful to that special someone, Oak & Oscar can be a perfect choice. All their collections are considered elite because of their unique designs, exceptional quality, and comfort. Old-fashioned designs paired with modern-day expertise are why the brand has become so eminent. Humboldt, Jackson, and Chronograph are among the best sellers of this brand.


Autodromo offers the biggest watch collections inspired by motorsports. Although car-inspired watch designs have always been there, Bradley Price has set a new standard in blending motorsports with horology. If you are a true enthusiast of cars and watches, Autodromo is this year’s watch brand for you. All their watches have been carefully crafted with attention to detail, durability, and affordability. These watches are not like the typical gimmicks you see in the market. Wear one of any Autodromo watch anywhere and stand out with your unique style statement.


There is a lot of confusion about Hamilton being a Swiss watch brand because all its watches are designed and manufactured in Bienne. However, the brand is originally American as it initially started in Pennsylvania, making this watch brand so iconic. Every timepiece is the perfect blend of the American spirit and Swiss mechanics. Hamilton has a watch for everyone with various collections, including Khaki Aviation, American Classic, Broadway, and Khaki field. The Khaki Field is one of the most liked among all of their collections. The epitome of timeless design and style, the Hamilton Khaki Field watches are legendary for combining innovative technology with classic styling. You can check out and choose from the wide range of options you will get.

Weiss Watch Company 

Weiss watch company, a haven for creative expression and testimony to artistic spirit, celebrates the simple beauty of pure time. Founded in 2013 in Los Angles, Weiss watches combine innovation and artistry in every timepiece. The major challenge the brand has faced over the years was getting US-based supplies for their watch components, such as the dials and movement. However, they are getting a step closer to getting domestically sourced parts for their watches with every new collection. Classic and timeless, the Weiss Watch Company’s watches are designed to stand the test of time. The watch company specializes in creating minimalist-styled and high-quality watches at a great price.

Brew Watch Co.

What makes Brew Watches extraordinary unique, and stylish is the inspiration behind them. Jonathan Ferrer, the brand designer, has crafted the master timepieces by getting inspired by industrial Espresso machines. If you look carefully at the chronographs, you’ll see that too. Their watches feature a rounded square design with a minimalist minute and hour sign. These highly accurate watches are available in various styles to fit any man’s taste. Brew Watches make for a great gift because of their sustainability, quality, and affordability. Craftsmanship without compromise is part of what makes Brew Watches the most liked US-made watch brand.


Bulova watches are a smart pick for anyone who wants to accessorize with style. With polished stainless steel, leather, and rubber designs, these watches aren’t just fashionable—they’re durable, too. This brand has been creating elegant and fashionable watches since 1875. With state-of-the-art watchmaking facilities, these timepieces are not only beautiful but also built to last for a lifetime. You can choose from a variety of digital and analog designs that include quartz movement and chronograph capabilities. These watches are designed to fit every need. Dress watches for the office, sport watches for the game, and elegant women’s watches for every occasion. Select the right Bulova watch as an excellent gift for that special person in your life.

Detroit Watch Company

Detroit Watch Company is a new company founded in 2013 by a couple. You can guess from the brand’s name that every watch here will reflect a certain aspect of the city. These watches are crafted to honor a city that has been making watches and cars for over 100 years. The brand wears a badge of making every timepiece with the finest materials and high-quality craftsmanship. All their watches are hand-assembled and feature Swiss automatic movements making them luxurious and durable at the same time. Detroit Watch Company promises to offer the reliability that doesn’t go out of style. All the watch brands listed above are unique and worth consideration in their own way. Some of them might not be as popular as the bigger brands, but they can definitely provide you with a luxurious timepiece within your budget!

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